A SUNNY DAY in the Old West

A chance to step back in time. Perhaps this was a home, but I'm thinking boarding house. I imagine the original homestead was the 1 story house on the right with the "time for dinner" triangle hanging out front. The two story abode was probably added later. Looks like a nice enough place. Have no idea where it is. No reference was written on the back. 

the boarding house_tatteredandlost
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There must have been a lot of life going on in this place. People coming and going. Meals being served. Heartaches. Loneliness. Snoring at night. Candles moving from room to room in the darkness. Crickets outside all day long in the shade of the trees. A nice lazy hammock on the second floor balcony for afternoon naps. The sound of the screendoor creaking open then slapping shut. Wagons arriving with goods then leaving. Horses tied up out front, though I don't see a hitching post. Birthdays shared. Holidays. Yup, this building was important and would have stories to tell. A moment frozen in time that cannot show the life that was lived there. Oh for a time machine and a chance to travel back for a day. To stand in front of this building and turn a complete 360 to see the surroundings. I can get lost in these places.

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