WALKING and laughing

Rarely is there anything written on the back of the photos I find. No scrap of information. This one at least gives me a date, Dec. 26, 1952. Then there's "J. T. D. Tenn & Sh" which I imagine was the person's shorthand for the names. Leads me to believe the adult was named Tenn. Could be the dad, uncle, or family friend. Whatever the relationship, the children seem to adore him. There's some teasing going on which the kids are clearly enjoying. It's just a nice shot of people sharing a moment of joy and fun. It's nice to take a moment and try to imagine the sounds of their laughter, the footsteps on the dirt and gravel road, and sense the warmth of the day.

day after Christmas walk_tatteredandlost
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  1. A great photo.... perfect!

  2. Both your blogs are amazing! I adore old family photos. It is a bit sad that they somehow over the years get separated from their families. This particular one is great!

  3. Thank you! It's a labor of diversion. Keeps me on the straight-and-narrow and sorting. Love to sort. Never know what you'll find when you sort. I had this photo for months and never bothered to blow it up. I knew it was fun, but once I saw the details I knew it was really special.

    Again, thanks!