This is why I call my blogs Tattered and Lost®. I find little photos like this and I sigh noting that it's badly tattered and most assuredly lost or it wouldn't have ended up now in my care.

This little girl is beautiful. She looks like a little doll standing on the stool. I wish I had the ability to sculpt a doll that would look this sweet in a little white dress with a red ribbon wound through the fabric.

You can't help but want to be protective of her. I hope her life was full of more joy than sorrow.


  1. She's so petite! Yes, just like a little doll.

  2. Yes, a tiny toy. Just perfect.

  3. This is like this garage sale I went to once...this woman had died and no one was taking her things for their own, no passing on to the next...it was heartbreaking. I ended up taking photographs because I couldn't stand that they would be lost...of course this also explains why my house is a scary mess of collected stuff...sigh.

  4. This is how I feel at estate sales. At flea markets or antique stores I have no connection to the people in the photos, but estate sales. I have to see I feel like I'm picking over their memories. But then I tell myself I'm going to give them a good home where they'll be valued.

    Thanks for stopping in.