This brochure is from Disneyland in 1963. You'll have to click on the images to see them larger, but for anyone who has been to the park this will probably be somewhat familiar. I'm talking about the perfect picture spots located all over the park. Little signs that tell you that here's a nice place to stop, take a picture, and if you're lucky it'll look just like the ones you see in the stores. Picture postcard perfect. Of course, rarely did anyone end up with perfect shots, but Kodak and Disneyland did their best to help you along. They told you where to stand, what film to use, what f stop. People who have grown up with digital have no idea what it was like to carry a camera and a light meter and set up for each shot. 

kodak momentFRONT_disneyland_tatteredandlost
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Now you might wonder why I've included this in my vernacular photography site. For me it's obvious. Somewhere, out there, in photo albums, closets, dresser drawers, are thousands, maybe millions, of snapshots taken at these exact spots shown on the map. This is vernacular photography. My challenge is for anyone who reads this to look for any snapshots they have and email me copies to place here next to the map. I'm not sure I even have any myself. If I do they're all slides belonging to my father. 

Anyway, take a look at the map and think about it. If you find something, let me know. My guess is that nobody will respond, but with the way things live on on the net somebody 15 years from now might see this and say, "Whoa, dude, look at this! Treasure map. I think we've got the pictures to document this."

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UPDATE: I found this in a drawer. I believe it was taken at spot number 17 on the map in 1955 though the film was not processed until 1956.


  1. What a fun idea. I don't personally have any, but I think my parents do. I'm sure there are millions and millions of them out there!

  2. I think it would be an interesting project, but I like you don't know that I even have any photos taken at any of these spots. If I do they'd all be from the 50s and early 60s. If you find any let me know. If you know of anyone who has any let me know.

  3. Anonymous2/23/2009

    hey, long ago I sent you a picture of us in front of the Matterhorn! It was the only photo of us at Disneyland.
    remember it? can you find it?

  4. You know me, brain fog. I have no memory of that. I know it had to be taken in '63 and I do remember the ride home. Planka and ragweed in the back of the car. Whoa, that sounds more interesting that it probably was. Okay, find the photo. We need the photo.