A FOGGY DAY in London town?

I found this snapshot in an antique store. Though small in size I knew that once enlarged there would be something interesting. That's what I like about found photos. I've said before that you often don't see the details upon first look.


I often see other collectors, whether in books or online,  stating that they are presenting the shots at 100 percent size so that the viewer can experience what it was like to find the actual photo. Not sure completely how I feel about this because for me the image, the content of the image, is what's important. I want to be drawn into the image and I don't put as much value on the actual object I'm holding in my hand, which is often quite small. I think of the person that took the photo, what they saw at the moment they took the shot. They wanted to capture something that was before them which, let's admit, was not tiny. Obviously we aren't going to experience any of the found images life size, but we have the ability to enlarge them and look into the world, examine it for the details. 

I have no idea where this shot was taken, but for me it's full of mystery. From the details of the signage I'd say it was taken in England in the 40s or 50s. To the left is a sign "Gould Dispensing Chemist" which sounds very English, possibly Canadian. 

I find it interesting that all of the people are almost neatly grouped in a vertical which adds to the overall vertical feeling of the shot. The man about to disappear down the side street with the woman in uniform following behind. There are a lot of stories that could be spun about what appears here. I imagine a freeze frame in a movie while opening credits run, the music then fades, and this photo comes to life with all the people moving. Which one is the main character of the story about to unfold?

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