BUSTER in the snow

This little tyke appears to be wearing some sort of Buster Brown suit while contemplating eating some really yummy soot laden snow. Hand written caption says "Take a bite?"  

Buster Browns were popular the first part of the 20th Century and were based on a popular newspaper comic character. At this link you can see examples of a Buster Brown paper doll.

Like fads today based on Disney movies, all things Buster and Tige were popular. I remember wearing shoes made by a Buster Brown as a kid in the 50s. I believe the company in some form or other is still in business.

Check out this link at Wikipedia for more information about the comic: Buster Brown

I imagine this was a style frowned upon by most little boys. They couldn't wait to get pants that went to their ankles.

Click on the image to see it larger at Flickr.


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