50 YEARS AGO today

Fifty years ago today I met my best friend on the SS Matsonia as our two families sailed from San Francisco to the territory of Hawaii. We were both born in California, at opposite ends of the state, but as daughters of military officers we had lived all over the country and were each moving from the cold of the East Coast to the warmth of Oahu. Little girls with a huge wondrous ship to explore. We met because some wise person decided it would be nice to seat two families with two little girls at the same table. 

The question I have is...who is that little old lady in the hat? I don't remember her at all and I wonder what her story was. But I bet she was very clean. And why have I forgotten the name of the waitress? For so long I remembered her name, but no more.

Here's to us, for 50 years, best friends. Sisters.  


  1. Anonymous1/17/2009

    I have wondered what day exactly that we met aboard ship Jan.16,1959. I did not remember the actual date, but I DO remember the waitresses name. She was Katie.
    No. I don't remember the old lady either.
    Here's to Good times and my Best friend, what a journey it has been!

    Not so anonymous any more.

  2. Yes, Katie! That was it. I knew you'd remember.

    And isn't it funny that it's another Friday 50 years to the day.

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