THEY SHOOT PEOPLE who hang laundry, don't they?

This is a tiny found photo, very tiny, but within that less than 1.5" there's a lot going on. I was drawn to it because of the girl and her dog. Sometimes I get a bit tired of the old saying "a boy and his dog" and think people forget the relationship girls have with their dogs. I like this dog and the little girl posing with it, caught in the moment as she's saying something. Was she telling the dog to hold still or was she saying something to the photographer?

I also like the huge house across the street with laundry out in the large side yard. Again, many things just made more sense then. You could hang your laundry out without threats from a home owners association. You didn't care if your neighbors saw what you hung on the line because their laundry was also hung out. A warm spring day with a gentle breeze blowing, the sound of a carriage in the distance coming up the road.

To see a larger version of the photo simply click on it and you'll be taken to Flickr.


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