HEY JOE take a walk on the wild side

Oh sure, NYC is wild. They know wild, but what about Pendleton, Oregon in the first part of the last century? Not a woman in site in this town, known for their fine woolens (proud owner of two Native American blankets myself). This is Main Street. Don't know the year because the back of the real photo postcard is damaged from being glued into an album. But take a gander at just the one side of the street. 

Oh we got trouble, right here we got trouble. It begins with bowling and pool, moves onto cigars, and then...ohhhhh no!! The Orpheum! Yes, all within an easy stroll from the building on the corner advertising "workingmen's clothing" we have every known vice that Professor Hill railed against! Across the street, more trouble. The St. George Bar. And where, pray tell, did the fairer sex shop? Perhaps the other end of Main Street near the really big houses. Having never been to Pendleton I imagine it has changed considerably. Sort of a shame. Looks like fun!


  1. Hi i'm doing a project about the Rivoli theater and this picture is taken before the Rivoli was built. I was wondering if I would be able to use this photo for my project to present at a conference?

    1. Please contact me at my email address. You can find it by scrolling down the left column to "The Photos" then clicking on "View my complete profile."