HERE'S TO THE LADY we can't remember

She'll forever be nameless, but let's hear it for the lady who was there at the beginning. The party animal we both became. Was she traveling alone? Off to see the world after working her entire life in a small office receiving no respect? Did she go to the limbo class? And when we docked was she off on a pure Hawaiian adventure with a beach boy in an outrigger canoe? Oh, it gives the heart pause to think that maybe she lived out her fantasies on our little fantasy island.


  1. Anonymous1/17/2009

    Yes, lets home she was on a grand adventure. (She really looks a little too surprised for that, thought). For us, she was the beginning of our passion for partying with people we didn't know. we never knew who would 'show up' and we didn't even know those who did. Good times.

    Old Lady of the Matson lines, I hope you partied well.

  2. That's it. Old Lady of the Matson. Now forever more she'll be known as that unless some poor soul out there in the webworld finds her and gives her a name and story. OLM for short.