While so much of this country is in subzero temperatures, we have picnic weather. And actually, I'm sad to even say that. So far winter has mostly missed us and that's not a good thing. A few rain storms have made me feel a little bit better about my well, but I know that the drought has been here for years and will probably remain for many more.

But hey, it's nice outside each day. Picnic weather!

Picnics is actually a category in one of my books, Tattered and Lost: Cakes, Picnics, and Watermelon. The idea behind the category is the sharing of food on special and not so special occasions. This photo, recently purchased for 25 cents, is not in the book.


  1. Nothing like a picnic on the ice with wind chill at -10°. No ants.
    What's in the jar? Pickles? Pig's feet?

  2. Its a shame you can't read what it says on the jar... looks like a duck on the label...

    1. The label is quite blurred, but it almost looks like the second word is coffee.