CATEGORIES: Cutting the cake

Cutting cakes has been a category I've been fond of for years. The usual shot is of a young bride and groom cutting their wedding cake. I rarely buy those because they all start to look like the "pose for grandma" shots. But anniversary cakes, which is what I imagine this to be, hold my interest because of the age of the couples. And even if this is actually a wedding shot, the story is far more interesting than young love.

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Cake cutting is actually a category in one of my books, Tattered and Lost: Cakes, Picnics, and Watermelon. The idea behind the category is the sharing of food on special and not so special occasions. This photo, recently purchased for 25 cents, is not in the book.


  1. She looks older than he does. Mom's birthday cake, I think, is a better bet.

  2. I like this category too, the non-youthful ones that is, After 50 years they know what's important. He has that eager look of a man anticipating some cake, while she's worried he's going to spoil her dress with cake splatter.

  3. I love how the "junk on the wall" get stuck in this photo!

    1. I always get a kick of how people hang tiny things on their walls. Odd groupings of tiny things. And often up high.