This photo belongs with yesterday's photo, The MOTHER. I'm pretty sure these are the children of the lovely woman posing in the sheath dress yesterday.

Click on image to see it larger.

My best friend gave me some money for my birthday and told me to go shopping for photos. An incredibly thoughtful gift, but she knows what life has been like and she knew this would bring me great pleasure. So off I went to my favorite antique store and found a whole series of posed shots of these children. Most of the shots were in b/w, but in each shot they were wearing different clothes. There were a lot of clothing changes going on the day of the shoot. And through it all the two kids kept the same confused expressions on their faces. There were no smiles, no twinkle in their eyes, just confusion and boredom. I did not buy the b/w shots, only a few color shots.

I call this post, along with yesterdays, The Mother and Child Reunion because I managed to find the shots scattered within several boxes and brought them back together. The possibly happy family is back together in an envelope. And so I hum Paul Simon's Mother and Child Reunion while I type this.

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  1. Goodness what expressions. The mother didn't look to happy/friendly in her photo - maybe the kids were scared!

    1. I also hear the classic "I Put a Spell On You" as I look at this shot. Perhaps mother's spell was just too strong.

  2. A perfect example of rescued vernacular photos. It's the focus of their off camera attention that I find interesting. Is mom standing behind the camera waving her gloves?

    1. Or just staring at them with a "don't you dare move!" glare?