MOVING ROCKS at the government wharf

I know, I've been away and now I return with a shot of guys sorting rocks. I'll leave it at that. You can draw your own conclusions.

This is another slide from Donald G. Schnabel's visit to Bahrain in 1957. An earlier post showed fellas working at the docks moving bags of something white and powdery. There is no definitive answer as to what they were moving. And I'm sure they aren't picking up pawpaws and putting them in their pockets in this snapshot.

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  1. Just a thought : could they be putting the rocks down, not picking them up: i.e. building up the sea defences.

  2. It's the heat in Bahrain that leads to this kind of illogical thinking.

    1. Do you think caused arguments to break out over which rock should be placed in which spot?