LOAD UP THE CART, we're leaving Bahrain

Though there are still more slides of Bahrain I'm going to put an end to it. You've seen the best and the rest are real yawns. Besides, I have to admit it's questionable to be spending so much time on a country where torture is government sanctioned. Indeed, we have the humiliation of knowing we've done it too.

So pack up the wagon, we're out of here.

Click on image to see it larger.

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  1. That's one loaded donkey cart. Looks like Palm Fronds to me...

  2. A very suitable photo to end this super tour. Seeing a distant place from another time in your slow motion slide show has been more fascinating because of the dramatic changes that have occurred in the Middle East. No doubt that in the 1950s Bahrain was nothing like Oakland, but I'd expect the native Bahrainians we've met in Donald's photos would not recognize the place now. Certainly there's more Land Rovers and Ferraris on the roads today than donkey carts.

    1. Glad to know someone enjoyed it. I certainly enjoyed the discover. Who knows where Donald will lead us the next time I go through a box of slides.