The RAY BRADBURY small photobooth shot

As WJY pointed out, these little photobooth shots are in reality more likely small proofs from a professional studio. But Mike Brubaker has decided they're from a Ray Bradbury magic photobooth that took magical pictures. In this case...hmmmm...it's possible these folks aren't even actually from our universe.

Human or terrestrial? You be the judge.

Click on image to see it larger.


  1. Yeah, this pair is from another world alright. I think they use the foto-booth for tele-communication with the mothership.
    (And I think you mean Extraterrestrial) {{or maybe you don't??}}

    1. Indeed, the extra is what matters and I can't blame my spell check for that one.

      They do look a little foggy eyed. Perhaps it's the atmosphere of earth.