I'm happy to finally be able to announce the publication of two more books in the Tattered and Lost series. I would have loved to have announced them before Christmas, but then those that were receiving them as gifts would have lost their surprise.

Volume 1, Tattered and Lost: Vernacular Photographs, which was originally published via Blurb, is now at a larger trim size with more content. You can peruse the volume at Amazon.

Volume 4, Tattered and Lost: Cakes, Picnics, and Watermelon, is a fine example of my "obsession" with silly categories. Wander on over to Amazon and take a look.

Also still available are volume 2, Tattered and Lost: Childhood and volume 3, Tattered and Lost: Telling Stories. Each are available at CreateSpace and Amazon. You'll find links to all four in the column to the left.

Raise Your Hand If You Remember GIVE A SHOW PROJECTOR

I'm guessing it would be hard for a kid today to get excited by a Give a Show Projector, but at one time this was a very sought after toy. Think of it as a bit like a Viewmaster that projected images onto a wall. In the days when kids programming on tv was limited to only a few hours each day, one of these projectors would allow you to watch The Flintstones anytime. Oh sure, it was just a single image projected onto a wall, but seriously, we enjoyed this. I personally never had one of these and I was probably a bit too old for one by the time they were marketed, but that didn't stop me from wanting one.

As you'll see in the image below the projector didn't work so great if the lights were on in the room. That or the kids haven't turned it on yet, or these kids simply were thrilled to stare at a blank wall. Take that X-box!

Click on image to see it larger.

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