I recently got into a conversation with a dealer at an antique store when she saw me going through a box of vintage snapshots. She wanted to know what I did with them. I always find that an interesting question. For some reason they usually think I must do scrapbooks or collages. I explained that I simply collect them, blog about them, and sometimes produce books that get sold on Amazon. That sort of satisfied her and she nodded and then started to walk away before pausing to say, "Are you looking for something specific?" I've heard this before from sellers hoping to guide me to their booth. I told her "yes and no." I think she'd seen me tearing through the box at a tremendous speed and probably wondered how I could find anything. I told her that when faced with a box of "pose for grandma" shots I sort very fast in hopes of finding something that is out of the ordinary. Again she nodded, paused, then walked away. She never saw that this shot below was one of my finds for the day. Would she have understood me? Probably not.

Click on image to see it larger.


  1. LOL. Um - Better than all thumbs?

  2. Oh we know what you mean. A one of a kind moment.
    "Knees Up Mother Brown"?

  3. Excellent find! I call this category "Chain Chain Chain" where everyone in the photograph is doing the same thing.