THE CAPTAIN without Tennille

Apparently the Captain, of the musical duo the Captain & Tennille, has been around a lot longer than we imagined. I give proof with this vintage snapshot from the late 1940s to mid-50s.

(SOURCE: Captain & Tennille)

Or maybe it's Randy Newman.

The truth is I have no idea who this jaunty sailor is. He is just one of several thousand photos I acquired in the past few days. It was a bonus weekend.


  1. I wonder if the Captain handled his boat as well as he sang? Allowing for taste...

  2. I wondered if it could have been his father, Carmen, who would have been about 40 in 1954. Of course the nautical "captain's" hat would have to be accepted as a colossal coincidence. The "Captain" and hat became trademarks for Daryl during his time as keyboardist with the Beach Boys.

    There is very little information on Carmen available on the net. No personal history at all.

    I still think it could be his father.

    1. Anything is possible. The woman whose photos I now have was a piano player and her mother was a musician. I haven't been able to pull together any details. I don't think either of them made a living in music.

      I'm also wondering if the photo is actually of the fellow Hugh Kenny featured the post which follows this one.