DRESS FOR SUCCESS on a flight in 1955

Next time you're on a plane take a look at the people sitting around you. For that matter, take a look at yourself. How are you and your fellow travelers dressed?

Click on image to see it larger.

Now take a moment and imagine it's 1955. Those flip-flops worn by the guy in the shorts and worn-out stained Megadeath t-shirt would never have made it onto a flight. Is this a good or bad thing?


  1. Yeah, that's gotta be Big Chuck's wife, Beatrice, and daughter, Bernice, and Aunt Margie. They're dressed for first class, but the Mills airport departure lounge is decidedly 3rd class. Big Chuck will get Eddie to take care of it, so it don't happen again.

    On our trans-Atlantic flights this summer, there was no one, in any class, who came even close to the high style of these gals.

  2. People used to take some more more care when dressing. I don't think I want to sit in a row with these three chatting with each other any more than I want to sit next to the guy in the shorts and worn-out stained Megadeath t-shirt!