Waiting to TAKE FLIGHT from San Francisco in 1955

Another Kodachrome shot from 1955. This has the caption "Chas. Perkins at Mills Field in San Francisco. Nov 1955."

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Mills Field is what the San Francisco airport was called when it was first established in 1927. Why this photographer was still calling it Mills Field in 1955 has me confused.
The airport opened on May 7, 1927 on 150 acres (61 ha) of cow pasture. The land was leased from Ogden L. Mills who had leased it from his grandfather Darius O. Mills. It was named Mills Field Municipal Airport until 1931, when it became San Francisco Municipal Airport. "Municipal" was replaced by "International" in 1955. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)


  1. If the photographer was a flyer - he might have called the airport by it's name on the charts he had - which may or not have been too up to date!) or perhaps it was the Naval Auxiliary Air Facility - which may or may not have changed it's name.

  2. Aha! Big Chuck meets up with a boss from the syndicate in Vegas. Eddie is old school and calls the airfield by its original name.

  3. Another stunning photo. You can tell it's just stopped raining.