FISHERMEN'S GROTTO at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco

I'm guessing this vintage snapshot of Fishermen's Grotto was taken in the late 1940s to mid-50s. Someone who knows the models of the old cars might be able to narrow it down.

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This restaurant is still in the same location.
Fishermen's Grotto opened in 1935 as the first sit down restaurant on San Francisco's world famous Fisherman's Wharf. Founded by Mike Geraldi, an immigrant fisherman from Sicily, as an avenue to deliver his fresh catch to the local population. The restaurant features Inside and Outside Dining. While indulging on your favorite seafood dish, enjoy the breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Russian Hill and the Fishing Fleet and Harbor. Four generations of the Geraldi family have been serving only the freshest Italian-style seafood since. (SOURCE: Fishermen's Grotto)

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You can read the history of the place here. I haven't been there since probably the early 1970s. There was another restaurant I preferred which no longer exists. I tend to avoid Fishermen's Wharf because of the abundance of tourists.


  1. Fine post. I enjoy comparing the "then" and "now" photographs.

    I agree, I try to avoid the touristy places too.

    Well, I'd say wait for the big boys to come along and identify the cars. But in the meantime, the one on the left looks like a 1950 Chevrolet and the one on the right is a 1950 Buick.

  2. http://www.hobbycar.com/buick.html (first on the page) shows a 1951 Buick RoadMaster - which is what I think it in your photo.