Spend a little time at the MAJESTIC THEATRE

No idea where or when this shot was taken. I can take a guess that it was after 1913 because of the movie that is listed on the signboard.

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Step back in time and imagine what these ladies might be going to see.

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You can see Pathe Review on the signboard with "The Chameleon" listed as a film that was showing. This film came out in January of 1913. If you click on the title link above you'll find the following at IMDB: Released in the US as a split reel along with the documentary The Making of Hats

And perhaps after the show they dropped into the druggist next door to look at the fine Kodak products after having something wonderful to eat at the soda fountain. One can only imagine their conversation after viewing such titillating features.


  1. A super photo and great detective work. I bet those girls could hardly wait to see "The Making of Hats". One of Hitchcock's early efforts?

  2. One more thing. I took the bait and tried to find this movie palace using www.cinematour.com, a compendium of dead cinema theaters. There were over a hundred Majestic theaters all over the US, so I gave up.

    1. I would think it was a very common name. I recently passed through the little town where the movie "The Majestic" was filmed.

  3. Hopefully someone will be able to locate this theater. The only thing I can think of is that it has a "mid-western" (like Iowa) appearance to it.

    I bet back then, folks would sit through anything "film wise" just to enjoy the cool air in the summer times!