The tourists WITH THE BABY at the Round-Up

These two women tourists are part of the group that attended the Cheyenne Round-Up in 1926. There are more of them to come in which we will all question their judgement. Here they're just looking at a baby on a cradle board.

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  1. Reminds me a little of a mistaken tourist trip I once took in Hati...to see "local Culture" which turned out to be a "Look At Poor People Exhibition" there are many ways to undermine a People I guess.....

    1. Yes, Haiti. I've always been a bit stunned at the cruise ships that stop there. My folks did it a long time ago and they were given instructions on where not to go. Of course that was then exactly where they went. It's just so wrong to drop off people who have spent more on their trip than most of the people on the island make in several years. I don't know the answer because many of the people do rely on the tourist money.

  2. Being sensitive to others is the key, but it's a conundrum, I agree.