ERNIE'S FAMILY in the snow

It's been quite awhile since I posted any photos from my secret passion...Ernie. I still have some photos of Ernie to post and they will trickle in, but once they're gone.... I have not found any new Ernie snapshots in a long time. I have bought up most of what I found of his daughter. 

Today I give you Ernie's family in the snow in their neighborhood; they lived in a trailer. Other than saying they lived in a trailer I know nothing of their living situation.

Click on image to see it larger.

I do have to say I once saw a guy on Pawn Stars that could have passed for an old Ernie. It had me wondering and I kept it on my DVR for quite awhile. Eventually I accidentally deleted it. Still, I like to think of Ernie spending his later years someplace warm.


  1. I missed the R in trickle on my first pass. ;o)

    1. Well you know he does tickle my fancy.