They might not be wearing black socks with brown shoes, shorts, and an Aloha shirt, but these tourists from the 1930s look just as awkward. Wouldn't you like to know what they bought while on their island adventure? Did they take home any colorful clothing? I'm guessing they didn't. They look uncomfortable. How did they handle the humidity of the islands dressed like this each day?

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Did these folks trot from location to location thinking rude thoughts about the locals? I'm betting many did. The world of Hawaii was exotic and probably pretty scary to them. They went on guided tours and their mingling with locals was probably limited. It's a shame because the best part of traveling is mixing with the locals and getting a feeling for the place.

I would like to see the footage the tall man with the movie camera shot. I wonder if it still exists? What a treasure it would be to see the islands back then.

Now, take a look at this old post for three tour guides dressed very similar to the guide in this shot.

Let's hope these folks had a really great and memorable trip. And let us hope that when they returned home they often imagined the trade winds caressing their skin, the scent of ginger taking them to heaven, and warm sand between their toes. Of course, that would be if they ever actually took their sensible shoes off and walked in the sand.

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  1. what a bunch of characters! The tall guy with the fedora and glasses, and the ladies with their little hats and frilly collars reminded me of The Gumps.