HAWAIIAN TOURISTS in the 1930s who do not have the ALOHA SPIRIT

I guess they just weren't feeling the moment.

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Jean on the other hand...

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CHARLIE ALERT: Unlike some people when they travel, Charlie always fits in with his surroundings. Wherever he goes, well that's where he is. Never awkward. Charlie blends. To see Charlie with a dumpster don't miss today's exciting post.


  1. Good grief, is that one woman wearing a coat?

    1. Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaah. I'm guessing she got a little confused and thought she was packing for a cruise aboard the Queen Mary to Britain.

  2. Now the second photo, she knows how to feel the moment very well! I did check out Charlie too- that photo does beg the question...what is the world and why? Ha! Ha!

  3. The Only Way To GO is with Flow!