The GHOSTS IN THE LITTLE FAMILY ALBUM of Gertrude Helen Rich Bowen

Some may remember posts I did several years ago about a woman named Gertrude Helen Rich Bowen; Bowen was her married name. She had a son named Arthur. All of the photos, several hundred, were bought at a flea market for $10 (known as the Ten Buck Box in the labels). Many were severely damaged, but there was enough to make it an interesting find.

One of the items I most prize from the box is a little cardboard photo album held together by a ribbon. Alas, the ribbon long ago broke off due to my constant looking at the album. Truth is, it was barely hanging on after being tied there over 100 years ago.

The images in the album are mostly faded to the point of just being ghost images. That's okay, because these days we don't have to accept ghost images thanks to Photoshop. So, don't think of these as images as having any monetary value. These are the ghosts from Nebraska around the beginning of the 20th century.

Click on either image to see it larger.

Just to give you some context, in case you don't click over to see other pages, Gertrude Helen Rich was born on December 21, 1885 in Nebraska. She became a school teacher. I'm guessing this photo, which is on page one of the album, is of her family. I'm not sure which one, if any, is Gertrude. I'll let you look at the other links and decide for yourself.

I will be featuring the photos for about the next two weeks, not including if I participate in Sepia Saturday.

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  1. This will be a treat.

  2. Gertrude must be the woman standing center with the white shirt and black tie. She marries the sheriff in the next to last chapter, I think.