WONDER BREAD, CIGARETTES, and high sugar cereal

Welcome to a childhood in the 1950s and part of the '60s. Wonder Bread, cigarettes with matches, high sugar content cereal, and formica/metal dinette set.

Wonder Bread was only good for one thing...smashing into a flat piece of doughy bread. You'd chew the crust off then start smashing it with your fingers until it was nice and flat. Then you'd fold it and smash some more. Fold and repeat. It would get so small and doughy, but never stick to your fingers. If you were a gourmet you'd spread butter on this weird blob. I usually just gobbled it down and grabbed another piece to smash. Other than that, it was a pretty dreadful bread. I always wondered how they got that much air in bread. My mother tried to get me to switch to cracked wheat, but it was a no go. Wonder Bread with PBJ in my red plaid lunch box.

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Another image from the Three Buck Big Box of Photos. You can see other images of this child through the years by clicking on the label below.


  1. It's so funny that you bring this up, because I did this too as a child, although I rolled mine into a round doughy ball! My little grand-daughter loves bread as well, and I was showing her and my daughter that little trick just last week!

    1. I have a friend who also remembers doing it. The idea that children would be deprived of this joy was the only reason I worried about Wonder Bread disappearing. Whole wheat just doesn't cut it for this bizarre gourmet treat. Glad to hear you're passing this bread insanity on!

  2. HA More food nostalgia (or bread insanity)as I did the same, though thankfully gave up Wonder Bread for healthier but less fun food. Twinkies, Snowballs, and Cupcakes, Oh My.