Three Kids with a FART FAIRY

I'm pleased to present another vernacular photograph in the fart fairy category. Don't know what a fart fairy is? Take a look here to get the whole picture.

Now, looking at these kids, I'm suspicious the one on the far left, who has been ostracized by the others, may be the one who invited the fart fairy to the gathering. Further evidence is the frown on the middle child. You be the judge.

Click on image to see it larger.

I'll tell you, this is a very challenging category!


  1. I think the Fart Fairy is in Center Field - He threw a Slider...

  2. Perhaps the white "flash" in the left is "Lit gas"...

  3. I'm suspicious of the guilty looking party in the centre too - I've been known to "throw" farts too, on occasion ;-)

  4. Anonymous12/15/2012

    How funny - I wonder if I can find some fart fairies :-) Jo

  5. Ha! Did you know that the first Google hit for "Fart Fairy" is a children's book on Amazon?