Virgil Larson.

Click on image to see it larger. From the George Kallman estate.


  1. Felix0912/14/2012

    This may be a long shot but I wonder if this Virgil Larson is a man who just recently died. He might be Virgil Robert Larson [July ?, 1925 - Nov. ?, 2012] who was born in San Francisco but as a teen moved with his family to Oakland, Calif. When a senior in high school [in W.W. II] he joined the U.S. Navy as a radioman and served aboard ship in the Pacific. After the war he attended UC at Berkeley for engineering but raised turkeys most of his life and served as the chair of the California Turkey Board. In 1950 he married Lorene Christoffersen. He is buried in the San Juaquin Valley National Cemetery in Merced Co., Calif. This information comes from the Find-A-Grave website that has a long and detailed item about Virgil Robert Larson. That item includes the names and addresses of his wife and two children who survive him. Anyway, I wonder if this Virgil is the one in the photo.

    1. It very well might be him. The photo was part of the George Kallman estate, he was a contemporary of George. George died, I think it was two years ago now.