Last year I bought a box of photos that contained images of a woman named Gertrude Bowen and her son Arthur. I think the photos had probably belonged to Arthur. Many of the photos were severely damaged, but still interesting. This is one of the images from the damaged pile.

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I remember Bill Burrud doing some sort of travel or nature films that were shown on tv. Now, I have no idea if this is a photo of a young Bill Burrud with his family or if there is another reason this TV Guide clipping was stuck to the image. Doesn't make sense to me. The man looks like an insurance salesman, not an adventure seeker. Anyone have any ideas?


  1. Gertrude's son Arthur was born in c. 1925.

    Gertrude is shown as "Divorced" in the 1940 US Census and living in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona with only Arthur Jr.

    William James Burrud was b. January 12, 1925 in Hollywood, CA - Hmmm... time to find out Arthur's birth date.

    Gertrude married an Arthur Bowen Sr.

    The 1930 US census shows Gertrude, Arthur Sr. and Arthur Jr living in Kingsville, Kleberg, Texas so the divorce was post-1930, pre-1940.

    I've no idea who all the young girls are in this photo if this is Gertrude and Arthur Jr.

    Vagabond "Valley of Spring" was apparently televised on Sunday, April 24, 1966. The episode focuses on Lake Chapala - in southern Mexico.

    1. The woman in this photo is not Gertrude, but she did indeed live in Arizona and worked as a teacher.

      Click on the label below for Gertrude and you'll see more about her. I have yet to post any photos of Arthur.

  2. Arthur D. Bowen was born 1 Apr 1925 in Arizona. He married an Eleanor J. - I suspect this is Arthur, Eleanor and their family.

    Arthur holds/held two patents for aircraft landing systems -


  3. Son Arthur Dwight Bowen died in 2011 (at age 85).

    1. Which means I got his box of photos not long after he'd passed.

      Thanks for the information. All I really know about his is that he was stationed in Germany in the early 50s working for the government in a civilian capacity.

  4. He passed away on Friday, March 4, 2011.

    Arthur was a resident of Santa Rosa, California.

    1. Thank you for this. I've added it to the large box of photos. It's always nice to have some information when you find a large selection from one family. Puts their lives in perspective beyond just what I imagine from the images.