Summertime is nearly over. Months of anticipation down to weeks. Fall will soon be here. Some leaves have already started to turn. Soon the abundance of color will be upon us.

So let's end this summertime series with three "familiar" people, the Kallman family.

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Little George Kallman has his back to us. Lorena Aina Beck Kallman stares at the camera, her daughter Gladys by her side. There's no indication as to where on when this shot was taken. I imagine it was taken by Alfred Kallman, the patriarch of the family.

Water is a big part of summer. We play in it, we refresh ourselves on a hot day with it, we long for it when the ground is parched in the summer sun. And we create memories with it.

A warm summer afternoon playing in a stream. Good times. Good times.

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  1. Loved the whole summertime series. Nice work!