DECONSTRUCTED couple: Part 1

A tintype found in a box at an antique store. Sadly scarred by time. People unknown. Location unknown. Date unknown.

The image to unfold over the next few days.


  1. I have been following your blog for a few months. I love old photos and yesterday my husband bought a box at an auction. Actually it was an addition to his purchase.

    I thought I would like to start a photo blog and my question is how do you add the watermark to your photos.

    I already have had a person "steal" my photos from a find a grave website.

  2. First off Claudia, I'm jealous. A box from an auction. Oh my what treasures might it hold.

    As to watermaking your images. It's very easy providing you have some sort of photo editing software that allows you to create layers.

    Open your image and size it to the final size you intend to upload.

    Create a layer that will appear above the image.

    Using your type tool type in your watermark using white as your text color. You can use any color, but white works nicely as ghosting text.

    Finally change the opacity of that layer. If you're using any form of Photoshop there will be a slider which you can slide to the left.

    Then save the entire image as a .jpg. When you do this your software should automatically flatten the image. You might also want to keep the image as a .psd so that you still have two separate layers. From then on when you want to post a new image with a watermark all you need do is open this original image and drag the watermark layer to your new image.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks....I have a new Windows 7, so I may have to buy a new Photoshop Program or find a down load that will enable me to use 7.

    I am going to start scanning today.

  4. I'm on a Mac so probably can't be of much help.

  5. Such fine detail for a tintype! Well preserved!

  6. Sadly it's very dark, but one click of auto tone brought out all the detail.