What Does it MEME?

I was politely tapped on the shoulder by Doug at Crazy As a Cool Fox with a meme in which I'm supposed to tell 7 things people, specifically you people out in the net-therlands, don't know about me.
  1. Both my eyes are the same color, my strands of hair not so much.
  2. I have a photo on my desk in a small gilded frame of an old woman in a house dress, socks and slippers, holding a shotgun. She's not real. She's a soft sculpture doll.
  3. Next to the old woman sits a bobble head of Tim Gunn who politely tells me to "Make it work" whenever I push his button.
  4. I have a cat that looks like a jackrabbit, no a bobcat, no a jackrabbit, no a bobcat. He's two, two, two cats in one.
  5. I've won several awards for the work I do in my day job.
  6. I was at the last concert the Beatles ever gave and no, I didn't scream. My friend would have slugged me.
  7. I find the number seven of dubious character so I probably should have stopped at six.
  8. So because I don't trust the number 7, except when it's on its own far away from the other numbers, I'll give you a number 8, which is almost always voluptuous, unless drawn by someone in a hurry...I'm fiercely private.
  9. And I'll throw this one in just to let others know with me the meme stops here.


  1. You have such a sense of humor! And now I want to know what your day job is. (But since you're fierce private, you probably won't say....) I enjoy your blog quite a lot.

  2. Thanks Nancy. Just a warped view of the world.

    What do I do for a living? It's the only actual piece of information I give in my profile.