COWBOY Charles

All I can tell you about this fella is his name is Charles and he was sitting behind Margaret on the train in the photo two days ago. There's no writing on the back, so apparently this photo did not belong to Margaret, otherwise we'd know the exact time and date of this occasion.

As to what is going on? Your guess is as good as mine. It's a fella with his gal, perhaps a gambler with a very reserved dance hall girl? No? It would be easier to believe he was a gambler if he were holding a deck of cards instead a pack of cigarettes. And I'm guessin', and mind you this is only a guess, he's not a real cowboy who rides a horse because I see what I believe to be a Ford in the corral behind him and it ain't no Mustang.

Perhaps it was a costume party and he was going as a slick cowboy gambler dude and she was going as ummmmmmm...a housewife. Whatever is going on they're definitely early 1960s middle class Americans out to have a yee haw time. I'm guessing he was a big fan of Maverick.

Oh Margaret, Margaret, why didn't you write something on the back of this one?

Just another image from the Three Buck Big Box of Photos.

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  1. He looks like an entertainment sort of cowboy to me. He's much too clean.

  2. I love your sense of humor!

    It IS funny to find these anonymous photogaphs with all the details on the back -- if only the were with family members.

    I think Charles is traveling or about to travel and in order not to feel out of place in the new place, he dressed like the locals. Maybe....

  3. It's a shame photos can't tell you their story as this one most probably will have an interesting one. She is beautifully dressed as is he in his cowboy outfit.

  4. Looking at the way he's got his hat cocked I'm betting she had to keep an eye on him at the party and it might have been a very interesting ride home in the Ford.

  5. Margaret better mind her P's and Q's. That looks like a real gun strapped to his leg.

  6. Though this woman isn't Margaret there seems to be enough of a resemblance for her to be Margaret's daughter which would make Charles her son-in-law.

    Either way, me thinks that woman has an anvil in her saddlebag ready to take on any bad hombre who comes her way.

  7. Cool photo! That's actually pretty fancy dress for a 'cowboy.' Wonder if there's a pair of longhorn 'horns' on the front of that Ford?