LEAVING the Station

The more I look through the Three Buck Big Box of Photos the more interesting it becomes. There are no quality shots that would be worth any money, but individually examined I'm finding them fascinating. Instead of just a jumble of images I begin to see threads connecting different people, moments in their lives. Very ordinary people in ordinary moments.

I'll never have definitive answers about these folks, but when looking at vernacular photography, for me, that isn't really the goal. Each image stands on its own leaving me to create my own stories. Adding in a few more photos really only adds more details.

I've shown several photos that have handwriting on the back by the same person including:
Now I know that the handwriting belongs to the woman in today's photo.

More to come.


  1. I agree. Answers are a bonus. It is the questions that are so fascinating.

  2. They look like happy people.

  3. "Ordinary People in ordinary moments" That's good.

  4. What a great treasure trove for $3!

  5. Love the emotion in this photo. You can clearly see the excitement on their faces. Very nice!