Confusion in RENO, NEVADA

Another "gem" from the Three Buck Big Box of Photos. A snapshot that would, and should, be overlooked, but then I figure there's got to be something there. I paid 3 cents for this thing and I want my moneys worth.

Beyond the fact that even without the date on the front you'd know this photo was from the early 1960s because of the clothes, hairstyles, and car there is the added fun of the back of the photo. I'll just post it and let you deal with the apparent confusion that existed as to where and when this shot was taken.

I can tell you that the handwriting on the back is the same handwriting that was on the back of Kenneth's photo and again exact time was important. Witness protection program? Why was time of so much importance to this person if not for an alibi?

Once again, a vernacular photograph worthy of any collection...as long as your collection is the type that people dread having to look at.


  1. the station wagon with the fins in the background is the best part.

  2. Well, I am sure glad they got that all figured out. I was trying to figure out the years of the cars and that did help to see the year on the back. I am not so sure that the exact time and day will ever effect me. Good blog.