This Halloween go as RAPSCALLIONS!

I've had this photo for a long time. It fits the classical found photo description. I can't remember where I found it, but I think it was on the street or inside a library book. It was someplace odd and I grabbed it. 

Over the years I've stuck this snapshot on my bookshelf, taunted my best friend with it (asking her if anyone looked familiar which of course they couldn't because I found it!), and continually misplacing it. I'll go for years without seeing it and then it pops up somewhere like a bad penny. These street urchins. These rapscallions

The Four Rapscallions_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

Love that word. Don't hear it used much these days. We pretty much go right for thugs, gangsters, etc. But these little dears with the testosterone just starting to surge through their little bodies are rapscallions. It's all attitude. It's the boys who didn't get into Scouts but who had parents that kept looking in the back of magazines at the small ads for military schools. It's a group of Eddie Haskells. It's spitwads and throwing erasers at the blackboard right before the teacher came into the room.

And it's probably a lot of fun. Shared memories for these boys. What became of them? They're frozen in time for me. The Four Rapscallions. 


  1. Boys? I thought 2 of them were girls. tough girls.

  2. Okay, which two are the girls? You really think boys this age would let girls in the gang? Unless the girls were like that girl in West Side Story who wanted to join the Jets. Yeah, I could see that. What was her name? Nobody?

  3. I'll bet the kid in the middle did some jail time before he was good and grown.

  4. The thought crossed my mind too. I can hear "...but honestly officer...."