Remember when I said Mr. Roberts didn't marry the woman standing next to him in Yosemite Valley? Remember I said a bear was involved. Well, here's one of the shots of her with a bear. 

woman with bear_tatteredandlost

Now, Mr. Roberts was quite an interesting man, sailing the high seas, living aboard ship in the 1930s in Alaska, and then on an expedition to Antarctica. Did he draw the line with women feeding bears. We'll never know.


  1. What an unusual angle. Maybe he was in a fetal position on the ground with the camera.

  2. Yes, on the ground downhill a bit. The other shot also was taken on the ground with her and the bear face to face. These shots all came from his album. I remember there were some other shots with a bear that were in a stack of shots. I had them in my "to buy" pile until I counted up how many had and realized something had to go. Of course now I look back and think "Why? Why? You should have bought them you fool!"