See anything here you want? Maybe something you already have gathering dust in the recess of a closet? I know I have the Brownie Hawkeye somewhere in this house. Just saw it a few months ago. Put it away for safe keeping, but now apparently it's too safe because I haven't a clue as to where this safe spot is. I'd like to find it to put up on my bookshelf with some of my other old Kodaks. 

Kodak ad_December 1954_tatteredandlost
Do click on the image to see this larger. (SOURCE: December 1954 National Geographic)

This ad is from the December 1954 National Geographic. The camera that has me the most intrigued is the one in the upper left corner, the Kodak Stereo Camera. I'm not sure if I've ever seen one of these, let alone an ad. It's fascinating. 

You can see a better shot of this camera at Camerapedia where there is also a brief bit of information. The camera was designed by Arthur H. Crapsey who was responsible for a lot of Kodak's designs and eventually became head of their design group in 1960. From now on when I go by those tables at estate sales where all the cameras have been piled I'm looking for one of these. Just think...double vernacular photographs in one!

And now back to rummaging through this house for Hawkeye. In this place I might end up finding Hawkeye Pierce instead.


  1. Had a Brownie Hawkeye too, don't know where the camera went but I still have some of the photos.

  2. I can't find the camera or the pictures I took with it. However, I do know where to shots of me using it are. So there's proof I once had it. It's fun little boxy thing. Love the feeling and look of it.