The CLASS OF '61

You know those lovely pyramid style group photos where everyone just looks like a peanut head? Imagine being a parent and paying for this. Granted the original is 8 x 10, but still, if the kids didn't get individual school photos and only got this group shot it's just sad. But all is not lost thanks to modern cheap technology. 

I like the way the kids are all playing at being adults. Each girl wears a corsage and each boy a tie. These kids were mercifully clueless about what was going to happen. Wonder what their lives were like? What they became? Anyone want to guess which grade? I'm thinking perhaps graduation from 7th.

More generic looking early '60s kids tomorrow. Sitting.


  1. how fantastically awkward (especially the last lad)!
    looking forward to more of these.

  2. It always amazes me how different people end up. What choices they make, what circumstances they grew up in or met up with.
    Lucky for me I turned out perfect, and humble too.

  3. I had kitty glasses like that in 1961, I was 11. Same headband too.

  4. I love those glasses. Those funny winged glasses. Let us hope they don't become the rage again.

    And I do wonder what became of these kids. Can't help but wonder how many have died, if any of the boys died in Vietnam, if the girls had happy lives or ended up in dead-end marriages with a pack of kids.

    The sitting shots are even more fun and awkward.