THE WATERFALL across Yosemite Valley

This photo is also from Mr. Robert's album. No reference as to who the people are, but I can tell you the shot is about the size of a postage stamp at approximately 1.3750" x 1.25". Little picture. There are more pictures of Yosemite, including a woman up close feeding a bear. Same woman that was standing next to him on the rock in the lake. Hmmmmm...I'm beginning to see something here. Perhaps this is why he ended up marrying someone else. The woman, the bear, the food....

Yosemite waterfall_1930s_tatteredandlost

Imagine what Yosemite was like before all the traffic and the smog. Actually I can, a bit, because the first time I went there was in the mid-50s. I have old movie footage of me running around in a striped t-shirt, elastic waste jeans w/flannel inside turned up at the cuffs, and cowboy boots. Yup, I was a bad hombre. This couple was there about 20 years before me. Wonder if she was wearing elastic waste jeans w/flannel and cowboy boots? We'll just never know.


  1. Looks to me as if she doesn't trust him completely. She is hanging on to the rock with her left hand. Looks like she was married to him. There is a ring.

  2. I'm thinking they're probably over near the area where they used to do the Camp Curry fire drop each night. Straight down drop there. So yeah, you're onto something. She's holding on!

  3. I don't think she is worried.
    I think it is a honeymoon picture, and her hand is on the rock to be able to show off her new ring.

  4. That's it! She's showing off her own Half Dome!