Let's hear it for AMERICAN WORKERS

Happy Labor Day to all of us who work hard to keep this country going. And #!*% &$*! to the corporate greed monsters who forget their place in the world and the politicians they've paid off.

This photo dates from January 1957, most likely the San Francisco/Bay Area.

grocery store_1957_tatteredandlost
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  1. When did it change from male cashiers to almost all female? Interesting.

  2. I wonder that too. This is most likely a publicity shot for a small privately owned market before the mega markets came on the scene. I imagine once the mega markets took over, pushing the mom and pop shops out, they were in desperate need of low paying workers and lo and behold...women stepped forward.

  3. Two lanes, no waiting.

  4. Exactly.

    And I don't believe I ever recall seeing checkout stands like these with the sloping.