Anyone who has been reading any of my nonsense this year has come across my posts about the Fuller Tug Girls (Grin and Beer It and The Fuller Tugs Girls or Grin and Beer It Redux). They seem to keep popping up in the darnedest places. Once again, they showed up at an antique store, but this time they may be providing some evidence, slim though it is. 

Same girls, same carefree attitude, and as usual beer drinking is involved. But this time one of them is wearing a sweatshirt that says "Fuller Yanks" and it's not homemade. Maybe somewhere out there in the dark recesses of the net universe someone will be able to explain what the Fuller Yanks were. It's beginning to look like somebody in this group had something to do with the Fuller Brush Company because this sweatshirt looks like it has the old Fuller logo on it. I might be wrong, but this all might clear up a wee bit where Fuller Tugs came from. 

So what do you think? Did the Fuller Brush employees let their hair down on the weekends after going door-to-door each weekday pushing brushes and mops to housewives who happily invited them in hoping for the chance of getting a free complimentary vegetable brush? 

It's funny these girls would show up again on a holiday weekend at an antique store. I'm almost afraid to see what they might have planned for Christmas, but I am growing very very fond of them.

Fuller Yank Girls_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

I have often said that something is a vernacular photography category and I must search for more, but usually I'm joking because it's absurd. I'm not going to say it with these girls because it might actually happen!


  1. Looking back at all the photos, I tried to read the button the younger girl is wearing in this picture-can't.

    This is weird...Fuller Brush is a fine guess...maybe these pictures were taken around some headquarters office??? That pinched face woman just keeps turning up!

  2. Nope, I can't read that button either. I tried blowing it up at a hi res and nothing is clear. Just adds to the mystery. They're a happy group of people, that's for sure.

  3. I am guessing it might be a company ball team.

  4. That's what I'm guessing. And then they took it a step further and made a drinking club. I'm trying to imagine our Fuller Brush Man getting wild on the weekends and then showing up on the street to deliver the orders bright and early Monday morn. The job was a lot harder than it looked. But he was a nice man. Very clean.

  5. Maybe the Northern and Southern divisions of the Fuller Brush CO. were very competitive.

  6. Especially the tailgate parties!