I have a large box of slides that feature this little girl. They begin in 1943 when she was born and end in the late 40s. Though there is some writing on some of the slides, I have yet to find her name. So her brief life in slides will have to suffice without any identity.

This must have been her first Christmas.

Click on image to see it larger.

The image below of her with her doll collection is in my new book Tattered and Lost: Forgotten Dolls. There are three photos of her in the book.


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Tattered and Lost: Forgotten Dolls

This one is for those who love dolls!
Snapshots from the last 100+ years of children and adults with dolls. 

Perfect stocking stuffer for the doll collector on your list!


  1. Goodness she is shiny. :)

    I hope she didn't eat the tinsel! It has unfortunate side effects!

    1. She looks like a little plastic doll herself.

      I have a box of the old heavy leaded tinsel in the attic. I can remember as a child wanting to just throw it by handfuls onto the tree because it always got tangled. My mother would grab it off and say "single strand." Took forever, but it looked so pretty. And then when it fell through the tree to the floor it would make a quiet little thud sound.

  2. The gleaming forehead fooled me too, thinking she was doll. I remember those outsized tree lights and the heavy weight tinsel too. I don't think either are available now as tree decoration materials.

    1. Nope, but I've got a bunch of them in the attic. Just can't toss them.