The anonymous little girl at age 6 with the same wonderful tree in her bedroom.

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Thanks to all who bought my new book! I appreciate it.

New book NOW available on Amazon.
Tattered and Lost: Forgotten Dolls

This one is for those who love dolls!
Snapshots from the last 100+ years of children and adults with dolls. 


  1. Looks like yet another tree on top of the dresser too!

  2. She could be posing for a Christmas advertisement for Kodak. I bet all that stuff (and more) is on display somewhere today for the holidays. Is there such a thing as too much Christmas cheer? I hope you get as much as you need and have a joyful new year!

    1. Good ol' Kodachrome! Yes, I'm betting all those items are probably now for sale on ebay.

      I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Years too. Sometimes Christmas can be tough to get through because it marks the deaths of my mother and uncle. But each year gets a little easier with the support of good friends.