A couple days ago I finally saw the police report for the accident I was recently in. Oyyyyyyy, someone is going to have a really bad Christmas. I will give the fella who caused the accident good points for honesty, because I think most people might have withheld some of the following information since nobody pulled over to be a witness.

The fella admitted to driving 70 mph on a two lane road, tailgating, crossing the double yellow lines, and worst of all to be talking on a cell phone when the accident happened. I have a strong hatred of people driving with one hand on the wheel and the other on a cell phone. If I could do a citizens arrest I would.

So beside the fellas car being totaled I imagine he will also loose his insurance because the costs of this accident keeps going up.

I feel no anger towards him. He behaved stupidly, but it wasn't with malicious intent. It was an accident and he owned up to it.

Now, this image may or may not have been an accident. Did someone finally break and say, "I'm tired of Mitchell parking his car in front of our house! I'll show him." And then did the man storm out of his house with the new chainsaw he got for Christmas?

Click on image to see it larger.

This image is from Tattered and Lost: Vernacular Photographs.

And thank you to all who have bought copies of my new book. I hope you enjoy it.

Tattered and Lost: Forgotten Dolls


  1. Every storm we have here in the east that has a strong wind - seems to knock over a tree or two... and they always seem to hit a car... of course there are a lot more of them these days than there were back in the day of this photo.

    I'm glad YOU are okay - that accident could have been deadly.

    1. There was apparently wind here the other night because trees were down in a nearby town. I somehow missed all of it.

      Yes, thank you. Nobody was hurt, though the fella that caused it I'm sure had a lot of muscle pain later in the day. I told him he needed to go to a doctor now even though he felt fine. By night he wouldn't be able to move, I'm sure.

  2. I share your frustration and anger over stupid drivers. I regularly shout at cellphone distracted drivers (not that they ever hear me) who fail to understand the terrible risk they place themselves and others in. But I hope this eases the stress levels to your recovery a bit.

    The tree-bites-automobile photo hides a great car tale. Probably caused by torrential rains like we've had this month. To add to the misfortune it's likely an Act of God that insurance will not cover. Next to pet stories, I think car stories are the best. My dad worked for a time as an accident investigator for a taxi/truck safety company. He took hundreds of similar photos of mangled and dented vehicles, but this one is a whooper.

    1. Do you have any of these photos your dad took? What a grand odd collection it would be.

      I too scream at those talking on the phones. Drives me nuts. It's pure stupidity.