SNACKS and stuff

As a child I can remember getting fun things at tourist spots. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? The HUGE pencil with scenes of the location on it. The pen with the floating whatever that moved back and forth when you rotated it. Seashells at the shore. Postcards, figurines of bears from national parks, maybe even a tom-tom made with a black rubber top. Saltwater taffy was always exciting. It was so colorful and smelled wonderful.

I do remember visiting Atlantic City and getting one of those toy monkeys that played cymbals. I put it on the motel room nightstand and let it bang it's little cymbals over and over until my mother probably wanted to throw it out the window.

Alas, few of the things I got as a kid at tourist spots are in my possession. A lot of the stuff simply disappeared over the years (grumble grumble my original 1955 Mouse ears).

Click on image to see it larger.

So what did Betty and her friends buy at Mystic Seaport? If I'd known what to look for I might have found it in her house during the estate sale. Or was Betty too practical to keep such things? I should have paid closer attention to the what-nots in her home. I was too focused on photos to have noticed the flotsam and jetsam of her life.


  1. I bet she bought some film... :) and maybe a ship in a bottle.

    I remember Mr. Peanut down at Atlantic City... and how great the boardwalk smelled around the place!

    1. Oh, I don't remember Mr. Peanut. That would have been a nice smell.

  2. Looks like saltwater taffy to me. Maybe the little figurine of the "Old Salt" in his down'easter?

    1. I have one of those little guys! My aunt gave it to me probably twenty some years ago.