LOOK UP! Look up!...

One of Betty's friends on their girl get-away to Mystic Seaport. We can understand why the woman in the green skirt is looking up, but what about the one on the right? What exactly has her staring upward, mouth open? Beware…never a good idea to stand around a seaport looking up with your mouth open. I'm just sayin'.

Click on image to see it larger.

But dig the white high heels, white gloves, pearls, and nice purse over her arm. Imagine seeing someone at a tourist spot dressed like this today. More likely flip-flops, bare midriff top, and tight shorts on a body bulging with previous meals.


  1. There were certainly statements of fashion! And I'd rather see something between this and today's "casual slob" wear!

    The lady with her mouth open appears to be in distress... maybe a sea gull already "done his dirty deed"?

  2. I think Tippi Hedren shows up in the next slide shouting, "The Birds! The Birds!"

  3. what a great photo! I love seeing the rare, old pictures in color.